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Ivan Rebroff

Ivan Rebroff

Sadly, Ivan Rebroff died at the age of 76. However, his musical legacy will live on, as anyone who has heard his recordings will know.

Although he has recorded over 100 albums, selling over 12 million records, most of these have been on vinyl, so it has been difficult to find his work in the past.

Please note that I am just a fan and not in any way related to Elisar Records or any company that supplies his records.

CD summaries

Here are the CDs I have managed to buy in the UK:

Common themes for songs include Rivers, Drink and Cossacks, to mix with the more common themes of Love and Religion.

Record Company

His record company in Germany is selling several CD albums. For more information contact:
Elisar records,
Hauptstrasse 66,
D-77652 Offenburg,
+49 781 72042
+49 781 23406


You can find several CDs at these sites by searching for "Rebroff" on the main screen.

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