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Ivan Rebroff - Russische Seele

Mein Musikportrait

Ivan Rebroff

Here is a listing of the tracks available on this German CD. Some of them are also found on the BBC very best of CDs, but as a different recording.

CD 1

  1. Russian Kosakenpatrouille (Poljuschko-polje) (Cossack Patrol)*
  2. Russian Auf der strasse nach St. Petersburg. A fun romp.
  3. Russian Schiwago-melodie (Theme from "Dr. Zhivago" - Somewhere my love)*
  4. German , Russian Na sdarowje (Cheers!). He's mixing languages here just to confuse me.
  5. Russian Bessarabyanka.
  6. Russian Natascha*
  7. Russian Wolgaschlepper (Song of the Volga Boatmen)*
  8. German Teure Heimat (Va Pensiero). From "Nabucco" by Verdi.
  9. German Am brunnen vor dem tore. A slow song.
  10. German Lebe dein leben (Mattinata)
  11. German Die Moldau (The Danube). He really is keen about rivers!
  12. German Wenn Ich einmal reich wär (If I were a rich man from "Fiddler on the Roof")*
  13. German Mutters Hände (My Yiddish Momme)*
  14. Russian Abendglocken (Evening chimes)*

CD 2

  1. German Die Trommel. A military theme.
  2. German Am Don, am stillen Don. Another sombre tale of a river.
  3. German Die glocke von St. Dimitri. A rolling song, with some lovely low notes.
  4. German Des teufels don kosaken. A faster song, with a swing rhythm.
  5. German Das schicksal ist so wie der wind. A song about family.
  6. German Der bär und die lerche. The bassoon gives this a quaint feel.
  7. German Grosser alter Don*. Yup, he really likes rivers in song titles.
  8. Russian Stenka rasin. A sweeping song.
  9. English Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. American spiritual, sung unaccompanied.
  10. Russian Die legende von den 12 räubern. Slow song which includes high and low notes.
  11. Russian Schwarze augen (Otschi Tschornyie) (Dark Eyes)*
  12. Russian Zwei gitarren (Two guitars). Includes spanish guitars and some reflective singing.
  13. Russian Kalinka Kalinka*. Traditional.
  14. German Im teifen keller. Drunken laughter going up and down the scale (73K), ending on a low note.

* = Also available on the two "Very best of" CDs (different recordings).

This double compact disk is © 1994 BMG Ariola Miller Gbmh. Bar code 74321-19246 2. Information reproduced for review purposes.

Please note that I am just a fan and not in any way related to Elisar Records or any company that supplies his records. Please contact your local record store or Elisar Records if you wish to buy Ivan Rebroff's CDs.

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