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Ivan Rebroff - Komm mit nach Hellas

Ivan Rebroff

Greek tunes, German words. Not the world's longest CD, but the tunes are OK.

The songs tend to focus more on words rather than vocal gymnastics, so this album is more for fans than the first-time buyer, or for German speakers.

I got this record off www.amazon.com, but had some anxiety afterwards as someone tried to send a dozen explicit-lyric rap songs to my address! I rang them up to successfully cancel the fake order.

The moral is, if you access Amazon via a public PC, make sure you log off properly using the "click here" hyperlink (odd name for "log off" I feel). I couldn't do this because the machine crashed! This is needed since the machine remembers your identity, there is no timeout unbelievably, and "single click" ordering (which I did not set up) does not require a password! I find that amazingly lax.
  1. German Komm mit auf die Reise. A typical happy Greek tune, but the lyrics son't give his voice much free reign.
  2. German Küsse, bitter wie geharzter Wein. A more emotional piece. Sounds like someone has done him wrong.
  3. German, Greek Drigi, drigi, Mana Mou. Extract (56K). A dancing tune. My favourite track on this CD, he mostly uses his tenor register, but the chorus is very catchy.
  4. German Das ist das Fest der großen Rebe. Another piece which tells a story. At the end it goes into Russian/Greek speed-up mode, with gusto.
  5. German Zwei weiße Wolken (Two White Doves). His falsetto leads into a ballad.
  6. German Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen. An interesting pacey tune that jumps all over its minor scale.
  7. German Als der Mond am Abendhimmel stand. Varies in pace and style.
  8. German Maria mit dem gelben Klied. A moderate speed song.
  9. German Ich tanzte mit Dionysos. Starts off wistful, but speeds up near the end.
  10. German Sag nur S'agapo. A rolling tune.

This compact disk is © 1990 Elisar Records, Offenburg, Germany. Code CD 31743-3. Barcode 4-011660-174334. Information reproduced for review purposes.

Please note that I am just a fan and not in any way related to Elisar Records or any company that supplies his records. Please contact your local record store or Elisar Records if you wish to buy Ivan Rebroff's CDs.

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