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Ivan Rebroff

These two CDs were produced for the BBC to go with the BBC Radio 2 programme "Ivan Rebroff, The Russian Bear from Berlin"

Please tell me if I have got some of the languages wrong here, because unlike Ivan I am not fluent in six languages! Unless you count C++, 6502 etc. :-)

  1. Russian Evening Chimes (Abendglocken) low notes(164K) high notes(202K). A good show of his range, but with a severe lack of consonants! Scarily, someone has done a house version of this tune (!).
  2. Russian Poj Zyganka (Spiel Zigeuner). A traditional, whirling tune.
  3. Yiddish, English Song of the Volga Boatmen (Lied der Wolgaschlepper). Sombre traditional tune.
  4. English Somewhere my love (Theme from Dr. Zhivago). A ballad.
  5. Yiddish Havah Nagila. Jewish staple.
  6. English Ol' Man River extract(144K). American spiritual about the Mississippi.
  7. German Im Tiefen Keller. Treated light-heartedly.
  8. Russian Kalinka Malinka. Traditional.
  9. German Two White Doves (Zwei Weisse Wolken). Ballad.
  10. Italian La Calunnia (Verleumdungsarie) - from "The barber of Seville". Opera.
  11. German Perestroika. A more recent song celebrating the opening up of Russia.
  12. German Ach Natascha. A whirling Russian tune in German.
  13. German Grosser Alter Don. Another peon to a river.
  14. Russian On the way from Petersburg to Novgorod. A ballad, but with James Bond balalaikas?!
  15. Russian Dark Eyes (Otschi Tschornyie) (Swartz Augen). Sweeping tune.
  16. Russian Cossack Patrol (Pojuschko-Polje). A stirring, galloping song.
  17. Russian Schto Nam Gorje (Unbekemmert). A reflective song with a Spanish guitar background, that gets faster.

This compact disk is © 1991 MOIDART Music Group Ltd. Licensed from Elisar Records, Offenburg, Germany. Code MDMCD 001. Barcode 5-022818-194608 also available as BBCCD 778. Information reproduced for review purposes.

Please note that I am just a fan and not in any way related to Elisar Records or any company that supplies his records. Please contact your local record store or Elisar Records if you wish to buy Ivan Rebroff's CDs.

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