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Ivan Rebroff - The very best of (Volume 2)

Ivan Rebroff

These two CDs were produced for the BBC to go with the BBC Radio 2 programme "Ivan Rebroff, The Russian Bear from Berlin"
  1. German Mütterchen Russland (Mother Russia) Extract (190K). Grand song.
  2. English Hey Andrushka (Hei Andruschka). Light-hearted vodka pathos.
  3. German Wenn Ich Einmal Reich Wär (If I were a Rich Man). From "Fiddler on the Roof".
  4. German Mutters Hände (My Yiddish Momme)
  5. German Das Einsame Glöckchen (The Lonely Chimes)
  6. German Bacarolle. From "The Tales of Hoffman".
  7. German Sah Ein Knab Ein Röslein Steh'n.
  8. German Flötenseranade (Elisabethan serenade)
  9. English Moscow Nights (Moskauer Nächte)
  10. German Ach Vaernmeland. A swedish folk-song, but sung in German.
  11. German Mit der Troika in die Grosse Stadt.
  12. Russian Ech Dorogi (Ach, Ich Wege)
  13. Latin Ave Maria. A religious song.
  14. German Plaisir D'amour.
  15. English Cossacks must ride (Kosaken mussen reiten)
  16. German Freu Dich (Ode to Joy from Beethovan's 9th Symphony). Extract (115K)

This compact disk is © 1991 BBC Enterprises Ltd. Licensed from Elisar Records, Offenburg, Germany. Code BBC CD 848. Barcode 5-011755-084820 also available as MDMCD 002 from Mediart Music. Information reproduced for review purposes.

Please note that I am just a fan and not in any way related to Elisar Records or any company that supplies his records. Please contact your local record store or Elisar Records if you wish to buy Ivan Rebroff's CDs.

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