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Ivan Rebroff - Simply the Best

Ivan Rebroff

Here is a listing of the tracks available on this Dutch CD. Most of them are also found on the BBC very best of CDs, but usually in a different language.
  1. German Kosaken Mussen Reiten (Cossacks must ride)*
  2. Russian Kalinka Malinka*. Traditional.
  3. German Mein Rusland, du bist schon (My Russia, thou art beautiful). Sweeping song.
  4. Russian Poljuschko-polje (Cossack patrol)*
  5. German Wolgalied (Volga song). Yet another song about a river!
  6. Russian Odnoswutschno Gremit*. A wide ranging tone poem.
  7. German Astrachan. Russian style.
  8. Russian Moskauer Nachte (Moscow Nights)*. Slow song.
  9. Russian Hey, Andrjuschka (Hey Andruschka)*. Light-hearted vodka pathos.
  10. German In Odessa
  11. Russian Dr. Schiwago (Dr. Zhivago - Somewhere my love)*
  12. German Mit der Troika in die grosse stadt*
  13. Russian Otschi tschornijje (Dark Eyes)*
  14. German Wenn Ich einmal reich war (If I were a rich man)*. From Fiddler on the Roof.
  15. Russian Abendglocken (Evening chimes)*
  16. Yiddish, Russian Wolgaschlepper (Song of the Volga Boatmen)*

* = Also available on the two "Very best of" CDs (usually in a different language).

This compact disk is © 1988 Disky Communications B.V. Code WMCD 5692 from Woodford Music. Barcode 8-711539-240332. Information reproduced for review purposes.

Please note that I am just a fan and not in any way related to Elisar Records or any company that supplies his records. Please contact your local record store or Elisar Records if you wish to buy Ivan Rebroff's CDs.

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