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Holiday snapshots

Here's a few piccies of some of my recent holidays, with a little supporting text when I can remember to write :-)








All of the pictures have full-size versions which you can view by clicking on their thumb-nails, except where they have been removed from the web server for space reasons.


Irish flag

Dublin April 1995

French flag

Paris May 1995

EU flag

Europe July 1995

Italian flag

Rome April 1996

Russian flag

St. Petersburg May 1996

French flag

Paris June 1996

Bavarian flag

Bavaria / Austria January 1996

EU flag

Benelux April 1999

Greek flag

Rhodes September 1999

Spanish flag

Ibiza May 2000

French flag

Poitiers - 2000 (Rebroff) TBD

EU flag

Rhine Easter 2001

EU flag

Central Europe - Christmas 2000 TBD    

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