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July/August 1995

I flew to Leipzig, for Gay Pride Day, which Germans call Christopher Strasse Dag (Christopher Street Day) or CSD. I also went to the CSD celebrations in Cologne and Frankfurt. I had intended to attend the ones in Bologna and Barcelona, but work pressures delayed me.

Here is a brief description of some of the towns I visited on my journey. There's still a lot more writing to be done before I can claim to be a travel writer (as if you couldn't guess!). Because of all the pictures I have split it up into four sections, each of which covers just over a week's worth of travel.

Most of the towns I visited have links to tourist information pages, except for some German cities (because their tourist information is all written in German for some reason!). You can also find a cornucopia of information at www.city.net

Week One

Leipzig, Colditz, Cologne, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Luxembourg.

Week Two

Koblenz, Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Brno, Vienna, Innsbruck.

Week Three

Venice, Bologna, Rimini, Florence, Pisa, Nice, Monte Carlo.

Week Four

Milan, Zurich, Berne, Geneva, Paris, Eurodisney, London.

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