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February 1996


Smurf looking thin

I took the train up to Liverpool to visit Smurf. He was feeling poorly, what with his "gun-shot" wound and car crash, amongst other problems. This must be my photo of him looking worst; he looked a bit healthier in Dublin.

The Mersey

Liverpool waterfront


The river is rather broad, and was deep enough for quite large ships in Victorian days. As a museum display showed, it was one of the key ports in the slave trade before it was outlawed in 1840.

The waterfront still shows off its magnificence with imposing buildings.

Albert Docks

Albert Docks

One of the main attractions in Liverpool is the Albert Docks, where a conglomeration of museums are teamed up with tourist-based shops and cafes. It was even open on a Sunday, unlike the main shopping centres in Liverpool.

In the dock itself is a floating map of Great Britain, which is used in the weather reports on Breakfast Television.

Mathew Street

Eleanor Rigby


Liverpool is famous as being the birthplace of the Beatles, so I had a wander along Mathew street, where the Cavern Club is now located, and saw the statue of Eleanor Rigby.

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