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Some people stand out as wonders within their field, inspiring awe in their fans. Here are my personal heroes..

Sorry! No pix. Shigeru Miyamoto The best video games designer in the world. Creator of Mario and Zelda.

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett RIP The greatest author in humorous fantasy. Creator of the Discworld, which has sold millions of books, spawned two video mini-series and a cottage industry in figurines.
Sorry! No pix. Alan Turing RIP A tragic hero, father of computational theory who helped win World War 2 (in a big way) and was hounded to death by his own country for his trouble.

Rory Bremner

Rory Bremner Television impressionist and satirist.

Ivan Rebroff

Ivan Rebroff RIP Deep and rich bass singer, used to good effect. Sadly passed away.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore RIP Everyone's favourite astronomer; he's been presenting Sky at Night for decades, and also has a hand at composing very English tunes, drawing interesting extra-terrestrial scenes and playiong the xylophone.


My Dad Now that I live 12,000 miles away from him I can relax a little, and say I admire him for his ability to work, occasionally have a lot of fun, get along with people and be inventive technically and creative artistically. He was in the movie Aces Go Places 4

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