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EU flagWeek Four

Milan Arcades Milan Church

Italian flag Milan

Closed for summer. Taxis were more affordable than elsewhere in Italy.

Swiss Alps Swiss Museum

Swiss flag Zurich Zurich flags


Aare river Berne arcades

Swiss flag Berne Berne flag

The Aare is a wonderful river. I had my best swimming on my trip here, in the outdoor swimming pools and in the cold rapid river. Unlike Nice, Monte Carlo and Rimini, the swimming pool was actually open in the late afternoon!

Lake Geneva

Swiss flag Geneva Geneva flag

The United Nations complex tour was interesting.

Paris Paris

French flag Paris

Flirty. I even got a good-bye kiss from a taxi driver! Not something that happens in a London black cab.

I went out to Queen night-club on the Champs Elysee, and was covered with mousse, i.e. a six foot wall of bubble-bath which enveloped the dance floor. Luckily I'd brought some shorts along, but my shoes did not like the soap as much as I did.

French flag Eurodisney US flag

Fun. The only place on my trip where I actually liked liver (foie gras). I went on Space Mountain about 6 times.

UK flag London Gay site

Home sweet home!

Some of the flags used in this document are based on images from the FLAGS OF THE WORLD Web site at http://www.cesi.it/flags/

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