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New Zealand flag Wedding Trip

January 2001

My brother got married, and the family thought I should attend. So I did!

O'Hare Airport


Chicago's O'Hare airport is the busiest in the world. It has about 5 WH Smiths for each concourse! That's a lot of magazines.

Mark and Tarisi Wedding Marquis Petanque lawn Roaster outside the Surfage View from the dining room Iron-sand beach


The happy couple almost didn't make it to the reception - Dad had to send a plane up to fetch them. They arrived just before the food was served, which is a good time as far as I am concerned.

I "helped" Dad put up the Marquis - the plastic got very hot to the touch in the sun, but once it was up it was OK.

We got a roaster and filled it with two sheep. There were no leftovers though - lucky we had those vegetarians along or we would have run short :-)

The sea was fine for sailing Dad's Bazooka boat, but I abstained.



Finally a quick flight home Onaero - New Plymouth - Auckland - Sydney - Singapore - Amsterdam - London - Croydon. Amazingly my luggage arrived at the right place and time.

So I guess that's it for weddings until my sister gets hitched.

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