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UN flag Round-The-World trip

December 1999 / January 2000

For the millennium I decided to do a nostalgia trip, to revist the places of my youth, see my family and generally try to accept turning 30. The plan was to go east until I got back to where I started from, so here goes with the summary of my trip, for all you people who complain that I never write.

Thai flagThailand

I stayed in Pattaya for a few days - I had not been there since 1992.

Australian flagAustralia

I revisited Sydney where I used to live as a teenager.

New Zealand flagNew Zealand

My homeland, visiting Wellington, Paraparaumu, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Onaero and Auckland. State Highway 3 is my friend.

Fijian flagFiji

Here I was in Nadi and Suva, where I had not been since I was 12.

US flagUSA

I passed through Los Angeles on my way home to London.

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