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This is a very small section! I'd better fill it out a bit more later, otherwise people will only see the negative side of my personality!

Dutch Dutch flag

How can you not admire a country whose first line of the constitution promotes tolerance of almost everything except intolerance?

Dutch is also a nicer language than German, although it does seem to involve a certain amount of phlegm where the letter G is concerned.

Amsterdam is also quite an interesting place :-) and they speak English better than most South Londoners.

Thais, Czechs, Russians Thai flag Czech flag Russian flag

Yummy! See List of Cuties for details.

Belgium Belgian flag

Belgium is very under-rated. OK, so the politicians might be a bit dodgy and the economy somewhat strained, but the people are incredibly friendly, the food is wonderful (when they keep dioxin out of it) and the architecture can be magnificent. Bruges is a giant chocolate shop!

British Television TV icon

Despite what Americans and fellow Kiwis tell me, I still believe UK TV is the best in the world. The political programs are very interesting ("Question Time"), and the comedy can be divine ("Goodness Gracious Me", "BlackAdder", "Red Dwarf") or dire ("Men Behaving Badly"). With "Queer as Folk" we got some sexy scenes and a great sales pitch for Manchester as the style capital of the North of England. Channel 5 proved that 4 channels is sufficient for one country :-)

American TV is either no-budget (cable) or ridiculously censored. Australia and New Zealand just don't have the depth of quality, although they can produce some quality programs ("Hanlon") and a lot of tacky but fun ones ("Xena Warrior Princess"). Canadian stuff is quirky, but there isn't much of it. Other countries speak less English :-)

London London icon

There is a lot to love about London, and here are a few things:

  • Foyles - THE bookshop.
  • Tower Records - It's big, it's accessible (joined onto Picadilly Circus tube station) and it's open until Midnight.
  • Stamfords - a huge shop full of maps. Just what the wannabe world traveler needs.
  • Ku Bar - Loads of cuties, and in summer it can spill out underneath the arcades.
  • Old Compton Street - In the late 1990s it has become the gay village of London. The horror of the Admiral Duncan bombing cannot be forgotten, but the area is vibrant as ever.
  • Hamleys - Toys, toys everywhere.
  • Fairfield Halls - From high culture to wrestling, Croydon has it all.
  • The Thames in summer - Walking from Hampton Court down to Richmond on a warm summer's day is one of the nicest ways I know to spend an afternoon.
  • Walking - Being able to easily walk around the centre of town, and spotting something new every time.

The European Union EU flag

While there are a lot of things wrong about the EU (such as the Common Agricultural Policy) there are many things right about it. Many politicians deliberately confuse it with the European Court of Human Rights (which has nothing to do with the EU, but is another Good Thing). The EU has served its main purpose well - stopping a war between Germany, France, Italy and Britain for the last 50 years. This is rather handy.

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