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Probe Entertainment

These were my bosses. Probe is now no more - they became part of the Acclaim empire, and then got closed down. Some time later a new company was created by Fergus McGovern (RIP) called HotGen.

Probe Entertainment had developed over 400 games in its eleven years, many of which have reached number one in the games chart. FIFA Soccer 96 (Saturn and SNES), Alien 3 (SNES and Megadrive/Genesis) and Mortal Kombat (Megadrive/Genesis) are a few of their successful products. This last game alone sold over 6,000,000 copies. Only since I worked on the Jakks Pacific TV games have my games made it over the million mark. :-(.

Nick Baynes used to edit the in-house magazine, Plastered.



They were based in sunny Croydon, which is in South London. The picture on the left was taken during a snap blizzard. Usually the weather is the mildest in the country. It may be slightly warmer in Cornwall, but it is windier there also. Probe had easy access to Central and South London, Gatwick and Brighton (i.e. we were next door to a 24 hour mainline train station).

At two stages (years apart) the HotGen offices were in the building on the right of the picture, which was quite close to the old place!

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