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Here are a few people who I've bumped into who know a little bit about games.

Lord British

Richard Garriott Former programmer, the creator and ruler (as Lord British) of the Ultima series, and former boss of Origin. Now working for a Korean online company NCSoft for their Austin studios. EA has now (2004) shut down Origin.

Gary Liddon

Gary Liddon Well known industry gossip and Studio Head of Ruffian Games Formerly Managing Director of Climax Fareham. Before that a games programmer (at Thalamus, Beam, Strangeways and Probe) and in the beginning a Zzap!64 journalist.

Deported - blood will out :-) Zzap reviewer Ollie Frey drawing

Fergus McGovern

Fergus McGovern RIP

Fergus Head
Entrepeneur, founder of Probe Software, then HotGen / Netherock. He had an office looking down on the former Probe ones, but that move was to no avail as Acclaim closed them down. The "Fergus Head" drawn by "Dokk" starred in many games, notably the Fergality in Mortal Kombat 2.

Nick Pelling

Nick Pelling Programmer, the creator of Frak, and games industry veteran from the 80's, 90's and 00's. Now he runs Pterodactyl software, but still codes compression, video playback and 3d boned animation routines in between decoding the Voynich manuscripts.

Jez San

Jez San OBE Former programmer, the creator of Starglider, now known as Sir Jez, Duke of Argonaut .

Cameron Sheppard

Cameron Sheppard Gameboy programmer, boss of the now sadly defunct Crawfish Interactive. Has been known to personally write four games in one year, moved to management gubbins, and is now an extra in films and tv.

Bob Timbello

Bob Timbello Japanese American Italian guy with a great speaking voice. Formerly of Sega and Hudsonsoft, now with Hitmaker.

Jackie Welsh

Jackie Welsh In the olden days she was the voice of Fergus.

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