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December 1995

I took the train up to Glasgow for Hogmannay, the Scottish celebration of New Year. The year before I had gone to Edinburgh and the year before that Inverness, so I had had a taste of the Scots enthusiasm for the calendar rollover.

Glasgow University Glasgow University looked Gothic Victorian - the sort of building that reeks of respectability and the ability of people to better their lot.
Big heads at Hogmannay The celebrations in George Square were quite fun. It was supposed to be ticket only, but I blagged my way in with doefully pleading expression and some well-placed comments on how friendly the city was.

Inside the music included the Bay City Rollers with some great numbers, and there was a certain amount of plaid and tartan in residence.
Glaswegians The local lads were partying on into the night in some of the clubs, but I felt like getting back to bed before dawn. However, once back at the hotel it would have been rude to refuse the owner's offer of a wee dram. :-)

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