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As well as my heroes, I've bumped into a few other people who are semi well-known. So here is a way of getting any name-dropping out of the way. I didn't see anyone famous when I wandered down the main street in Waitara!

Now that I have a camera built into my mobile phone, perhaps next time I meet a celebrity I might be able to capture a photo.

Where is my piccy?

Helen Clark The Prime Minister of New Zealand. She came to London to get a few tips from Austin Mitchell and the "Labour" party here.

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor RIP Actress from the Carry-on films, and Eastenders. She opened a Sunday Market in Croydon. Known for her friendship with the Kray gangsters in the 1960s.


Dog Actor from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a heist movie set in London. He was "protecting" Barbara Windsor.

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell Gay rights activist, who attempted to make a citizen's arrest of Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe in 1999. This caused some consternation. I had a quick chat to him in G.A.Y.

Sorry, no pix!

Dr. George Carey The Archbishop of Canterbury. He's not a great fan of Peter Tatchell, since the latter interrupted the former's Easter service.

Sorry, no pix!

Julian Clary Camp TV Comedian, who I bumped into in 79CXR one day. Cherry-pie and Jordan were nervous about talking to him!

Sorry, no pix!

Peter Stringfellow RIP A nightclub owner who gets on TV. I just saw him walking past in the street. He doesn't let fat women into his club. I went in there with Fergus, who soon lost me!

Sorry, no pix!

Steven Hawking RIP Smart physicist in a wheelchair. I saw him at Heathrow, getting onto my plane (he was in First Class of course). Learning he was giving a lecture at Berkley, I went to see him - he was great, with a dry sense of humour.

Sorry, no pix!

Peter Snow Tall brainy presenter for the BBC. I saw him on the tube once, and got him to sign a book on quantum physics. He has great fun at elections with the "Swingometer".

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